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The Persistence of Memory

"You are what you hide."

Raja, Inder and Leena are classmates who become best friends in their final year of high school in a small town in India. One event in 1983 shatters their friendship.

Twenty-five years later, they meet again at a class reunion in their hometown. Each one’s journey to middle age has not been devoid of struggles – or secrets. Inder is gay, but in the closet, and has given up his career to pursue painting. Leena, a housewife entangled in a steamy affair with her personal trainer, is trying to cope with the death of her only child. Charming Raja, an international arms dealer, is desperate, on the run from the law.

Buried memories resurface as the three estranged friends are forced to confront their individual untruths, and unravel the mystery of a shared one. Set in India, the US, Canada and Hong Kong, this is a story of three people striving for redemption at the mid-point of their lives as they realize how the past is always present.

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Blue Blood (Penguin India, 2011)

Peeling back the layers of myth and innuendo surrounding erstwhile royalty in India, the stories in Blue Blood explore the lives of individuals who, bereft of power and wealth, must now live as commoners, grappling with the banalities of modern life. The title story, narrated by an elderly tour guide, unravels the truth behind the tragic fate of Anne Beckford, a European woman who married an Indian maharaja for love. In 'The Birthday', a disinherited gay prince risks disapproval when he returns to his ancestral home for the centennial celebrations of his great-grandfather, a war hero ravaged by Alzheimer's disease. 'The Last King of Portugal', set on the island of Diu, describes the mysterious death of Eduardo Braganza, an Indian-born descendant of the Portuguese royal family. And 'The Search' follows a young woman from Toronto as she embarks on an international quest to find a family heirloom, only to discover a long-kept secret. These eight tales capture the personal triumphs and tragedies of former royals as they navigate the space between past glory and the reality of the present.

Blue Blood was on the longlist for the 2011 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award

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A Model House (Indialog, 2003)

Nanda, a young Indo-American in quest of her Indian roots. The diary of an unsung student leader of the 1974 Navnirman Movement. NGOs and the game of development. A bit of Nanda, loving and losing. Set in the small town of Mahatmanagar in Gujarat, Nanda's story moves through the red brick walls of design school, ABCD, and its stiff rules and twisted vision; the gossipy corridors of Lakeview Apartments; a make-believe home with Raghu the model-maker; and the search for a perfect house beyond his models and her own moorings.

"It is a great surprise that a first time novelist writes with so much control. A Model House has a firm plot; what I liked very much is the writing. It does not focus on fine writing all the time but puts forth crisp, clean English prose. Its style has a sureness about it."

(Suguna Ramanathan, author of The Evening Gone - Penguin India)

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